New stories?

New Stories work with organisations and people in development – through conversations, leadership development and training, training in cooperation and coordination around the task, that the organisation or group works in order to perform. We do workshops and work with relations, change and performance. Together with our customers we strive to create new stories. Stories about how people work well together, about change processes that succeed, impediments that are dealt with and about all the other things that are part of working life and life in organisations. Our ambition is to contribute to work places, where people do good work and have good working lives at the same time.

How do we work?

We do not trade in fixed concepts, but we aim to be a partner, who cooperates with our customers and develop processes and solutions in close coordination with you. We do this by starting with your situation and your needs – and by coordinating expectations before, under and after the task that you need us to assist with. We have a lot of experience and are able to present you with multiple approaches to any task or change process. We will be happy to present suggestions for your inspiration. We have a sustainable approach to the work we do, and we know, how important it is that changes leave a lasting impact on the organisation and are driven by the organisation itself, after the point where the external consultants leave the organisation.

Together we have more than 35 years of experience as organisational consultants, and as a team we present professionalism and also professional diversity. Our work combines theory and practice and this reflects what we believe in professionally – and it is reflected in the way we co-create solutions with our customers.

Write or call us to hear more – or if you want to propose a concrete area, where we can work together